Several publicly shared resources are available at this SugarSync location. You do not need a SugarSync account to access, view or download the files.

The publicly shared files include the:

  • 2016 Budget
  • Bylaws (Note: The bylaws are available in two versions. In one, the document is set up for duplex printing on 8.5″ x 9″ paper, which can be trimmed to 6″ x 9″ size (to fit the three-ring binder for the Book of Church Order.) The other version is set up for a 6″x9″ page and would be more suitable as an e-edition.)
  • Information for Candidates for the Gospel Ministry and Application for Coming Under Care
  • PCA Guidelines for a Call to a Minister and the Potomac Presbytery form for a Minister’s Call
  • Presbytery Forms
  1. Annual Change of Call
  2. Without Call Annual Report
  3. Application for Teaching Elders Employed in Needful Works
  4. Annual Report for Teaching Elders Employed in Needful Works
  5. Report of Commission to Ordain/Install Pastor/Associate/Assistant Pastor

Private links to the files listed below will be sent directly to Presbytery commissioners. Others may request them by contacting the Stated Clerk. These files are also available on the Presbytery’s Google Site. Contact the Stated Clerk at to be added to shared access.

  • Audio files of sermons and lectures
  • Approved minutes of Presbytery meetings
  • Presbytery Rolls and Directory (when new editions are published)